"One Team, One Dream"

Gurshan Rai

Hi! My name is Gurshan Rai, I’m currently a 2nd-year student at Seattle University and majoring in computer science! My interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. I’m also a tech enthusiast and love learning about and driving cars. I like to play video games, watch TikTok, and work out in my free time!

Riley Young

Hi! I am Riley Young and I’m just finishing up my first year at Seattle University, majoring in computer science. A couple summers ago, I did a program with Code the Way, Inc., at home in Milwaukee, WI. That really opened up the problem-solving, collaboration, and growth opportunities that I love about computer science. It also showed me how useful computer science can be in non-profit and social justice work, which I am most interested in. Besides school, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, exploring the city, and reading in my hammock.

Julian Stefanzick

Hello! My name is Julian Stefanzick. I’m a junior at Seattle University, majoring in computer science. I decided to study computer science after having my mind blown by the potentials of augmented reality. I am interested in machine learning and how it can be used to compose computer graphics. I’m also interested in mathematics and music. In my free time I enjoy watching films, going to concerts, and writing and recording songs with my friends.