"One Team, One Dream"


Parth Reshamwala

Hello, I am Parth, currently pursuing my master's degree in computer science at Seattle University. I have a keen interest in web development and am also dedicated to expanding my knowledge in data analytics. During my free time, I take pleasure in exploring new destinations and experiencing diverse cuisines. My interest for exploring new places and trying different cuisines not only brings joy to my life but also shows my enthusiasm for discovering new things and embracing fresh experiences.

Nars Tsuboi

I’m Nars, a MS Computer Science grad student at Seattle U. I’m interested in the social aspects of software engineering and increasing diversity in STEM. I’m very nerdy, I love studying and working on projects. Going to class is my favorite part of the day! Before computer science, I was a civil and construction engineer and earned my BS in Civil Engineering from SU in 2012. Go Hawks!


Riley Young

Hi! I am Riley Young and I’m just finishing up my first year at Seattle University, majoring in computer science. A couple summers ago, I did a program with Code the Way, Inc., at home in Milwaukee, WI. That really opened up the problem-solving, collaboration, and growth opportunities that I love about computer science. It also showed me how useful computer science can be in non-profit and social justice work, which I am most interested in. Besides school, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, exploring the city, and reading in my hammock.

Gurshan Rai

Hi! My name is Gurshan Rai, I’m currently a 2nd-year student at Seattle University and majoring in computer science! My interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. I’m also a tech enthusiast and love learning about and driving cars. I like to play video games, watch TikTok, and work out in my free time!


Rupansh Phutela

Job after graduation: Hyundai

Sonali Desarda

Job after graduation: American Express

Julian Stefanzick

Research Contribution: Academic Paper "Popular Songs: The Sentiment Surrounding the Conversation." ADMA 2023 (Core Ranking: B).

Graduation: Winter 2024. Internship: Walmart, Summer 2023.